Pricing for every business, at any stage.

Simple, transparent pricing. All features included in all plans. Just pay for the watched times and video storage.
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1 hour video storage
60 hours watched time
Additional view $0.24/hour
Additional storage $0.6/hour
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5 hours video storage
300 hours watched time
Additional view $0.12/hour
Additional storage $0.6/hour
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10 hours video storage
600 hours watched time
Additional view $0.09/hour
Additional storage $0.6/hour
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Hodho for?

We built Hodho for every business owners tired of YouTube's branding and recommended videos cluttering their site's video experience and impacting their sales.

Who is Hodho not for?

Hodho is not for you if "free" is your only option. In that case, YouTube is probably still your best bet despite their branding, recommended videos, and purposeful intent of directing your visitors away from your site and onto YouTube.

Why should I choose Hodho over YouTube?

As we said before, YouTube is your best option if you are unable to pay anything for video delivery and don't necessarily need your videos to appear professional. However, YouTube is not providing playback on your site free of charge. They are funneling users from your site with recommended videos and capturing your visitor's attention with their logo. If you don't mind losing a steady percentage of visitors and having YouTube's branding on your site, YouTube is a good option.

What kind of websites can I use Hodho on?

Hodho works on any site you can add script to the header on. That includes any site you create with WordPress, Squarespace, or Webflow. If you have any questions regarding the kind of sites we work on, just chat us up!

Do I need coding knowledge to use Hodho?

You don’t. All of your videos are completely ready for you to use without requiring any coding knowledge.

Do Stored and Watched charges have a one-minute minimum?

No - you pay for the exact number of seconds of video stored or watched.

What if I need more view time and/or storage?

All of our plans include a number of viewing times and of storage. If you end up needing more, we send you a friendly email reminder and you’ll simply pay for what you use beyond the limit at a rate that corresponds with your plan. But the service keeps running no matter what happens.
You can always check on the consumption usage and pricing from your account.

Do you store my original file?

Yes if you upload directly from our dashboard - However customers generally prefer to own their original files, so instead remote assets are supported on our platform.

Can I cancel?

Yes, you can cancel your videos hosting account with us at anytime, but we will be very sad to see you go!