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Video marketing tool designed by you.
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How easy is it to get started?

Step 1
Upload and manage all of your videos inside our simple & user friendly dashboard.
Step 2
Control how your video looks, feels, and functions to match your brand.
Step 3
Share your videos with the outside world by embedding it on your website or by sharing it via email or social media.
Step 4
Sit back & analyse
Analyse your video's performance and improve your video marketing strategy.

Well-Equipped. Straight out of the box.

We believe you know your audience best. For this reason we provide all features to everyone. Start your video marketing journey the quick and easy way.
Player Controls

Take full control of how your viewers experience your content. You choose the player controls, the thumbnail, and the colors so that your videos feel like an integrated part of your website.

No ads!

Your content belongs to you, not us. No popups, no links to other people's videos, no links away from your own website. Just your content, free of distractions.

Video SEO

With our embeds codes we inject JSON-LD metadata (including transcripts) into your site's page. Embedded videos are indexed by search engines and return results for your website, not YouTube.

Video Analytics

Our engagement analytics help you improve your video marketing by showing exactly how your audience interacts with your content. See where viewers start to drop off and compare videos to learn your audience’s viewing patterns.

Call-to-action Soon

Include a clickable call-to-action at the end of your video.
A viewer watches your video to the end. In a post-roll call-to-action, you give viewers a clickable link to your product page, to more of your videos, or anywhere you like.

Email Collector Soon

Allows you to place an email collector before, after, or at any time during your video. The collected emails are automatically and directly piped to your favorite email marketing tool. Convert your visitors into leads.

Pricing for every business, at any stage.

Simple, transparent pricing. All features included in all plans. Just pay for the watched times and video storage.
All features
1 hour video storage
60 hours watched time
Additional view $0.24/hour
Additional storage $0.6/hour
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All features
5 hours video storage
300 hours watched time
Additional view $0.12/hour
Additional storage $0.6/hour
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All features
10 hours video storage
600 hours watched time
Additional view $0.09/hour
Additional storage $0.6/hour
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